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Everything about our universe gets dissected at The Computing Lab, focused on decisive progress to advance humanity. As a center for the convergence of sciences, we strive to unlock gridlocks limiting our understanding of our universe through bold innovation centering the fundamentals of science, simulating imaginations and standardizing scientific advances to commercial practices.

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Scientific Database
Underdevelopment, a subscription based scientific database for the scientific community at academic institutions, private enterprises and non-profit agencies
Case Study
As a knowledge driven company, every project intake to be carried on by The Computing Company Inc. , is analyzed for match-making with our existing capabilities or as a new challenge to take on before routing to our divisions for executions
R&D Consulting
would love to partner, advice, or contribute to private and non-private entities whose sole focus aims at decisive progress to advance humanity


Particle Collider
The first particle accelerator in Africa to be in Ethiopia, capable to detect particles using state of the art technology to study our universe fabric
Orbital Satellite
Launching of orbital satellite to advance space science studies

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