Focused on knowledge driven decisive progress, The Computing Company Inc. is in the business of advancing human condition. As a global investment management company, our businesses are streamlined across crosscutting ecosystems : education & empowerment, healthcare, agriculture, commerce, and sustainability. We are ecosystem builders!

Education & Empowerment.
Our initiative focuses on sowing the seed for world class higher education programs and to sharpen skill sets--technical school hubs. And in between these two, are apprentice programs to induce empowerment sponsored by corporate, non-profit and governmental entities. Invest in our education & empowerment investment offering funds!
Our initiative focuses on instituting world class healthcare centers and distributed health hubs. In between these two, early warning response systems to stay abreast of pandemic health concerns. Invest in our healthcare investment offering funds!
Our initiative focuses on delivering world class agriculture products surplus through agri hubs, propelled by state of the art agriculture tools. In between these two, our bridge solution constitutes in anchoring early warning responses systems and farmers insurance programs. Invest in our agricultural Development investment offering funds!
Our initiative focuses on labor, urbanization and infrastructure to advance commerce of developing and developed nations. In between these three entities, our streamlined solutions, such as payment technology, bridge for the gap of global inequity and foster for collective strength of world economies. Invest in our commerce investment offering funds!
Our sustainability effort focuses on quality of life, security and clean environment. Our smart city initiative envelopes these three elements, and streamline sustainable solutions, such as early warning intelligence response systems to the geographic locations we do business in. Invest in our sustainability effort investment offering funds!
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