eight divisions home to private investment offerings.

The Computing Lab.
Everything about our universe gets dissected at The Computing Lab, focused on decisive progress to advance humanity. As a center for the convergence of sciences, we strive to unlock gridlocks limiting our understanding of our universe through bold innovation centering the fundamentals of science, simulating imaginations and standardizing scientific advances to commercial practices.
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The Computing Capital.
A global management wing which handles our private and public investment offerings fund. Guided with prioritization, value, and precision, The Computing Capital engages its investors to participate in value driven investment through transparency, honesty, and due diligence.
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The Computing Systems.
As a division for systems engineering, it converges diverse fields of expertise to build world class solutions. Along with our in house tailored products and services, The Computing Systems engages in consulting contracts with custom engineering solutions to our growing worldwide clients based in China, USA, Ethiopia and more. Our engineering capabilities are but not limited to software, civil, structural, mechanical, financial and chemical engineering and more.
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The Computing Business.
The Computing Business is a division engaged in streamlining in house or third party developed products or services on our cross-boarder sales ecosystem. Utilizing data driven insights on consumer preferences, and algorithmically matched business insight tools, The Computing Business assures your products and services are on the forefront of our retail platform to create value to the daily lives of consumers lifestyle.
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The Computing Institute.
The Computing Institute centers on life, giving purpose and priority as to why The Computing Company is formed in the first place. The institute centers on the very fabric of life, where community is formed and lifestyle is governed. Our company's services & products are tailored to improve quality of life of a family and improve as well as gain control of better lifestyle of a community in particular and society in general.
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The Computing Factory.
The Computing Factory is an Industry 4.0 division for advanced manufacturing with Six Sigma management and Kanban engineering process. Our current state of factory, emphasizes on robotics & automation, telefactory --remote manufacturing & process controlling, 3D printing, and Internet of Things application to factory systems.
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The Computing Industry.
The Computing Industry engages in industrial line of businesses carried on through a multilateral collaboration of agencies fulfilling compliance in a highly regulated business sectors. Establishing nor closing sales don't come by easily due to the nature of strict scrutiny to the diverse industrial sectors we operate, however, through meticulous attention to detail, The Computing Industry, adhering to compliance and robust process we do business that benefits the greater good of society.
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The Computing Financial.
Supporting cross-boarder payments in 26 currencies, The Computing Financial services provides merchants financial services emboldening intercontinental commerce between businesses along with simplifying payments methods for consumers. The Computing Financial has a diversified payment technologies to streamline sales for your business.
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