About Us

Focused on knowledge driven decisive progress, The Computing Company Inc. is in the business of advancing human condition. As a global investment management company, our businesses are streamlined across cross-cutting ecosystems : education & empowerment, healthcare, agriculture, commerce, and sustainability. We are ecosystem builders!

With an interdisciplinary team coming together from within eight of our divisions, such as, The Computing Capital, The Computing Financial, The Computing Factory and more, we bring-forth value adding solutions to our clients worldwide.

With global headquarters in USA, with Africa headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and with corporate headquarters Bahir Dar Area, Ethiopia, with 800+ clientele-base, we are expanding our outreach to The Americas, Pacific Oceans, Europe, and East Asia countries by creating continentally tailored hubs & platforms for commerce.

Follow our IMPACT X.X series of corporate publications. We aim to showcase our products and services across five of the aforementioned cross-cutting ecosystems collaboratively engineered by our eight divisions. Henceforth, versioned milestones and calibrated solutions continue to enable us to measure progress and quality of life of our customers from within these five fundamental ecosystems.

As a global corporate citizen, The Computing Company Inc. takes on challenging problems affecting humanity and as a lab driven company, we are constantly transforming and focused on bringing decisive progress in the daily lives of our customers with simplified business solutions.
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